New classes / Schedule change September 30th!!!

About Us

Dave Graf


 Dave started Ares in 2014. Since then he has been sharing his love and passion for the sport by coaching wrestlers, boxers, and mixed martial artists. 

Joe Hare


 Coach Joe Hare teaches the old brickhouse style of boxing and kickboxing that was taught by Bill Duff, the Human Weapon on the History Channel. 

Coach Walsh


 Coached multiple World &  International Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Combo and Grappling champions siness with you. Coach Walsh has four black belts in different forms of martial arts. 

Master Ben


Fought over 300 fights for more than 20 years in Thiland. Master Ben focuses in on the art of kicking.

Briana Coubrough


Bri teaches at Ares & Rio Pro Ju-Jitsu. Has been a referee in MMA, competed in MMA, Kickboxing. 

Brett Gruber


Brett has trained martial arts for over 30 years. He is a purple belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu with over 10 MMA fights.

Nolan Tater


Boxing and MMA fighter. Nolan is one of the original Ares fighters. He is great with kids and helping teach classes.

Richard Gibson


Richard holds 3 black belts. He is a fightness enthusiast and can help with person training as well as grappling. 

Tyree Johnson


Tyree is a seasoned fighter with over 20 MMA fights. He is great with catching mits and helping work on striking. 

Shawn Rall


Shawn "THE ARTIST" is a Pro MMA Fighter and Pro Boxer out of Cleveland Ohio. He also holds well a purple belt in BJJ. He is always working on his craft and gaining knowledge.